You are not Warren Buffett

You are not Warren Buffett 

Have you heard the saying : “It is better to buy a good company use a slightly higher price rather than a poor liquidity company with cheaper price” ?

Is it right for such an approach?

Why not buy a good company at low price? Does it sound more logical?

Buy Low Sell High.

If you do not know how, please refer to our method.

Refer to the diagram below: Taiwan Stocks Accton Technology Corporation 2345

Taiwan Stocks Accton Technology Corporation 2345

It is very easy to trade with Buy Low Sell High method :

Step 1 : Blue Ola lines analyse the future stock’s trend for you.
Step 2 : Green Buy Signal (Short to Medium) appeared, Buy & Hold.
Step 3 : Wait for the Red Sell signal ( Short to Medium) to appear, then sell.

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