When to “Add Orders” in the Stock Market

When to “Add Orders” in the Stock Market

Pullback in the stock market is an indication that the stock prices are on the up trend, the prices are rising too fast, causing temporary fall phenomenon which are suppressed by sellers.

After the pullback, the stock trend will recover.

Most investors faced the same problem and are eager to add orders after buy in, but is constrained by the right timing.

Refer to the chart below:  Taiwan Stock WUS Printed Circuit Co Ltd 2316

Taiwan Stock WUS Printed Circuit Co Ltd 2316

Trick to “Add Orders” in the Stock Market

Step 1 : OLA Blue lines on the way up, helps you to analyze the best trading time and the stock trend.

Step 2 : Green Buy Signal (Short to Medium) appears, prices moving way up and pullback occurs at mid way.

Step 3 : OLA Blue lines still on the way up, green signals (Short to Medium) persisting, green signal (Fast) again reappearing, from red to green; opportunity to buy low.

Step 4 : OLA Blue lines turns down, helps you to analyze the stock trend.

Step 5 : Red Signal (Short to Medium) appears – Sell. Is just that easy!

Just follow the simple operational signals to reap high returns without the complicated analysis requirements.

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