The benefits of forex investment

The benefits of forex investment

Foreign exchange are not the same like other investments, it is more flexible and risks controllable. Forex market operates 24 hours throughout the day and night. Unlike the stock exchange; in Forex you not only can buy long but also short-sell.

Forex has low threshold requirements accompanied by low cost and the leverage ratio is also very high (1: 500 or more).

In the foreign exchange market, SoroSign investment software technology allow you to buy and hold or short and hold without fear!

Refer to the following chart: US dollar against the Canadian dollar USDCAD

US dollar against the Canadian dollar USDCAD

SoroSign trading signal guidelines:

1. OLA blue line upward, helps to predict the future direction.
2. Short to Medium turn from red signal to green signal, buy and hold.

Foreign exchange investment fund needs only minimum outlay to maximize profits which is very suitable for small investors.

If you are interested in foreign exchange, please contact us immediately!

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