Taiwan stock Inotera Memories Inc fell incessantly

Taiwan stock Inotera Memories Inc fell incessantly

The worse nightmares of investors is to buy the wrong stocks!

However, if you choose to short sell the stocks even at the market worse time, you can still make profits.

This is a skill where every investors must learn: Follow the market trend!

Taiwan stock: Inotera Memories Inc (3474)

Taiwan stock Inotera Memories Inc (3474)

Is simple, just short selling by following the steps below.

Step 1: OLA blue line moving down, helps you to analyze the trends.
Step 2: Red Signal (Short to Medium) – still remaining red.
Step 3: Red Signal (Fast) reappearing – changing from green to red – buy short.

Note: If the stock market is on the decline, do not buy stocks but you can short selling the stock (if securities firms allowed).

This is how to make profits from the falling stocks by short selling now!

Do you know of such an investment method?

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