2019 United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP Calendar

2019 United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP Calendar

United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP is one of the largest foreign exchange news, published once a month.

NFP is an influential statistic and economic indicator released monthly by the United States Department of Labor (such as Manufacturer and Services) as part of a comprehensive report on the state of the employment situation.

Non-farm payrolls data: it refers to the US non-farm employment, non-farm payrolls and unemployment data.

Data Good: Description on economy improvements
Data Poor: Description on economy deteriorations

The data is usually published on the first Friday of each month for the US Department of Labor for released.

A non-farm payrolls data messages are also very concerned by the gold investor.

2019 United States Non Farm Payrolls NFP Calendar:

January: 4 Jan 2019
February: 1 Feb 2019
March: 8 Mar 2019
April: 5 April 2019
May: 3 May 2019
June: 7 Jun 2019
July: 5 July 2019
August: 2 Aug 2019
September: 6 Sep 2019
October: 4 Oct 2019
November: 1 Nov 2019
December: 6 Dec 2019

Malaysia time 20:30 (Daylight Saving Time) or 21:30 (Winter Time)

The following is the United States daylight saving in 2019:

USA 31 Mar 2019 – Daylight Saving Time start
USA 27 Oct 2019 – Daylight Saving Time ends

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